There is nothing much that can be said on the woeful Console story filling the airways. There is enough already of an unseemly scramble from people and organisations who might have been in a position to stop it sooner to make sure no accusing finger points in their direction.

There are however two groups who almost certainly feel guilt and ironically the two who really should not. Those that would have worked on the frontline will almost mentally feel  a sense of questioning from outsiders about “their” part, even though they had none. Agonisingly that sense seems to come in inverse relationship to any peripheral involvement at all.

Similarly, those that have contributed funding or persuaded others to fund will feel also that false sense of guilt. The cause is still the cause and having sought to support it honestly they should not feel guilt.

There is also a third unrelated group. In my experience, most people who found a social enterprise or advocate for a cause, actually guilt about taking anything from that cause. For many the notion that, as they dedicate their efforts to what matters to them,  they could “take” resources away by such things as even a living wage, feels wrong. They are wrong in that – in fact their purpose needs them to be able to live and persist.

However, this large majority of people will have their worst thoughts re-enforced by these recent events, making them ever more reluctant to “take” from their cause. And unfairly again ,the problems that are so apparent now in some places will never come from them, the majority of  people.

As for the small few who do –  For all the bluster about what should be done now, the reality is relatively simple- transparency in reporting and proper governance. There is rarely a reason why transparency should not be possible and proper positive governance includes holding the CEO to account. However, once again, the behaviour of a small few where ego and entitlement and sometimes flagrant dishonesty abound, mean the majority who begrudge themselves almost anything take the hit.