During the 10 years I have been working with SME’s and individual clients, motivation has come up time and time again. It can be the difference between achieving your goals and desires, never quite getting there, or worse still, giving up completely.

Get your motivation right and all things become possible!

So here are my top 7 invaluable lessons on staying motivated:

1. Continually check in with your reasons for carrying on:


Life is busy and it is easy to lose sight of your ‘Why’. Your why must be a motivating factor or you will dip between highs and lows with your motivation. So, stop and take time to understand your why before you go any further. Once you have your why, remind yourself daily that this is why you do what you do. By keeping your why at the surface of all that you do, you are building a solid foundation to build and grow from.

I love this quote from Steve Jobs to help understand the importance of beating to your own drum to keep drive going and this is very much rooted in your ‘Why’;

“I think most people that are able to make a sustained contribution over time — rather than just a peak — are very internally driven. You have to be. Because, in the ebb and tide of people’s opinions and of fads, there are going to be times when you are criticized, and criticism’s very difficult. And so, when you’re criticized, you learn to pull back a little and listen to your own drummer. And to some extent, that isolates you from the praise, if you eventually get it, too. The praise becomes a little less important to you and the criticism becomes a little less important to you, in the same measure. And you become more internally driven.”


2. Set goals BUT make sure they are YOUR goals!


I have been both a participant and a facilitator on entrepreneurship programmes where goal setting is covered as a topic. Goals are crucial to keep momentum going and to move a business or social enterprise forward, however, they must be YOUR goals. I cannot emphasise this enough. Your goals should not be what you think you should be doing, also they should not be what others say you should be doing, unless of course it aligns with what you want. Your goals should help to support you to go after something that YOU want and that will make YOU happy. The correct expert advice is gold when you are building or growing a business or social enterprise, but it must align with who you are and what you are setting out to achieve.

3. Break goals down into bite size


Once you have your goals set out then take the time to break them down into bite size steps. This helps to avoid overwhelm and when you take one step at a time those bite size steps turn into big steps. Be consistent and your will get there!


4. Learn to say NO!


If you want your yes to have value, then you have to get used to saying no. If are not operating to your agenda, then it is to someone else’s. It really is that simple. If you have problems saying no, then ask yourself, if I say yes, who’s agenda am I working on?


5. Imperfect Action!


It was a wise business mentor that taught me the value of imperfect action. I highly recommend you become acquainted with this concept. There is never a perfect time or a perfect set of circumstances, optimum yes but not perfect. Stop waiting for perfection and start taking some action.


6. Visualise and feel the end result – OFTEN


We hear so much about visualisation, picture your end result and work towards it. This helps with the direction you choose to take and with things like compiling your mission and vision statements, business plans and even helps when looking at your strategic plan. When it comes to motivation though, it is important to take it one step further and that is visualise with feeling. What does it look like and how does it feel when you achieve your end goal?
Once you have this then you can tap into it daily and in particular tap into it on days you don’t feel like working or periods where motivation is low.


7. Surround yourself with the right people:


I talk about this in all areas of my work with clients. We become like the 5 people we spend the most time with … look at these people. Who are they? How do they make you feel? What are you learning from them? Are they a step or more ahead of where you want to be? Once you have done this then ask yourself if you need to make adjustments in your own life or do you need to change focus?

Once you have the right people, tap into their energy, learn from them and spend regular time with them.


As a final note remember:


What is for you, will always bring out the good in you, not the worst, that’s how you know you are on the right path, & once on the right path motivation will take care of itself!


Thank you to BNest for the opportunity,


Pauline Gannon
Inspiring Change through innovative mindset techniques.

Pauline delivers the ‘Resilience’ module of the BNest programme as a series of group workshops and also works with participants individually at her private practice in Castletroy. She has been pivotal in the transformation of mindset for both past and current participants. Pauline can be contacted on 086-8371132.