How BNest Supports Social Enterprises? 

When BNest was first created – it was solely a social enterprise incubator – working with an initial cohort of 9 participants in 2016. We quickly realised that there were many more passionate people that we could be of an assistance and provide value for them. Whether it is a general guidance, strategy reviews or something more specific, or, where we can connect social enterprise with a skilled professional, we are willing to help.

So today, BNest is…

BNest Social Incubator 

6-month comprehensive programme enabling social enterprises to thrive
– helping them to refine their vision and turn it into actionable steps.

BNest Diagnostics Sessions

once off session helping social enterprises to gain new insights, explore possibilities, define the next steps or deal with current issues.

BNest Connect

volunteer based programme for skilled professionals willing to help emerging social enterprises with their skills and expertise.

BNest One-Day Workshops

One-day, stand alone workshops designed to raise awareness of the social enterprise capabilities and realities.

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