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BNest is on the lookout for those for want to make a social impact

BNest is the first dedicated Social Enterprise Incubator Programme in Ireland and caters to all types of organisations from non-profits to community enterprises to businesses with a social conscience.

If you are passionate about creating real social change, are engaged in a community project that is evolving into a business or have a business start-up driven by a strong social goal, then BNest is for you!
Applications for this years incubator programme are now open.

BNest offers this six-month peer programme at no cost to participants. It is run in partnership with Nexus Centre UL for emerging social enterprises who want to get their new organisations off to the best start or take existing ones to
the next level. Their incubator is specifically designed for social impact businesses as they focus on business and social aspects and also support you on your personal journey so you can fulfill your dream.

Each participant will receive full 6-months membership of the Nexus Innovation Centre in the University of Limerick,
including shared hot desk facilities, conference room access and most importantly the opportunity to become part of the vibrant Nexus community.

Eamon Ryan philanthropically founded BNest in 2016 and since then the initiative has had nearly 20 participants completing their Social Enterprise Incubator Programme. The Limerick Gateway to Education took part in the BNest Incubator two years ago. Founder, Suzanne Roche said: “It is a fantastic programme as you have on the spot follow up if issues arise. The ongoing support for our project has continued to be valuable. A great programme to get
involved in,if you’re a start-up.”

Kasia Zabinska of BNest says: “Challenges our society is facing are persistent and complex. There are no simple
solutions, but Social Enterprises often provide excellent and innovative answers for areas including education, special needs, mental health,healthcare and the environment to name a few.”
Eamon Ryan,founder of BNest explained: “We have the ability to connect emerging social entrepreneurs with those who can help them.If you join our programme you will be surrounded by people who are amazingly passionate and they will be
happy to listen,help and support you.”

Closing date for applications is August 15. The BNest Social Enterprise Incubator Programme 2018/2019 begins September 7, 2018.

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