“Learning moments”

Every now and then each of us have what I call “learning moments” – when something at the back of your mind unexpectedly clicks into place with clarity. Usually this happens due to someone sharing their thinking with you, that suddenly explains something you might even have thought you understood to that moment!

I had one of those last week.

Two journeys

We have always described an enterprise start-up as two intertwined journeys – the enterprise and the personal one. At the onset of BNest we decided that helping people to either cross over or go back from the step into the unknown of starting an enterprise were both good results. It is not for everyone to start an enterprise and, as long as the person made THEIR informed personal choice for themselves, that was a result for BNest!

To our surprise there was a third option which in our analogy of step off or go back was “not now” – the idea being that for various reasons the decision to step on might still be an option but that the “timing” might be wrong.  The insight that I got last week – with no little patience on the part of the person trying to explain it to me – was what “timing” meant.

Timing is a consequence not the cause and what actually matters is “mindset”.


Each of us finds ourselves at different times at personal decision points. The decision point we are at is a consequence of the “mindset” that we hold at that moment in time. However, if the mindset changes the context of the decision point changes entirely. In our analogy of stepping off the edge or going back down this assumes a constant mindset. However, if we change the mindset, we change the landscape entirely, changing completely the path we are on.

So the third choice is not about “timing”. It is about the “why” that has brought us to that point, the mindset that has shaped our path to that point. This is why being self aware is such a key emphasis for us.  It is about why we concentrate on “why”. In fact all three choices are about the “why”.

Now, if it were only easy to get to that!