is seeking to recruit

Development Advisor – Market Specialist


Development Advisor – Community Building Specialist

on a 3 year contract.

About ISBC

Funded under Enterprise Ireland Regional Development Fund, The Irish Social Business Campus (ISBC) initiative seeks to support through a range of learning and collaboration programmes the fostering of a connected growing community of social enterprises across the broader Munster region.

Building from a three year pilot project, the ISBC initiatives aim  seeks to help foster a growing community of viable, robust & socially impactful businesses in Ireland.


It strives to do this through:

• raising awareness and knowledge about the sector

• inspiring the creation and development of social impact businesses

• providing education, resources and support services,

and above all by

• creating and enhancing  connectivity between our participants and others, both within and beyond the sector.

Following on from its BNest pilot in the Midwest, the ISBC over the next three years seeks to extend its geographic reach across Munster with the assistance of its partner organisations, NEWKD, SECAD, CLDC and Ludgate Hub.

About the role

The core role of the Development Advisor is to assist ISBC participants in their journey by supporting them with practical, relevant objective help as those participants develop their project.

To do so the Development Advisor is required to:

• develop appropriate programmes for ISBC
• participate in programme delivery,
• be capable of working on customised solutions in an objective way with participants
• provide specialist skills that are relevant to successful progress of ISBC participants
• act as an advocate for the ISBC project externally
• work as a valuable contributing member of the ISBC team.

While ISBC is physically based at the Nexus Innovation Centre, located within the University of Limerick campus, the Development Advisor role needs to address the broader Munster region targeted by the programme and so may not necessarily be based from that location. It is essential that the Development Advisor is a self motivated and largely self managed individual with an ability to engage with participants regardless of location.

In addition to the generic role, each development advisor is also expected to bring a specialist area of competency that adds to the overall capabilities of ISBC. Currently we are seeking to recruit people with a background in two critical competencies – Marketing Specialist and Community Building specialist.

The additional specialist needs of each role are included below.

In performing the role, the Development Advisor is required to identify, direct and deliver, in a way aligned to the values of the ISBC, the path that best delivers on the critical goals of the ISBC Initiative.

The deliverables set for the person are:

A “values” driven role.

As a “values driven” organisation, each member of ISBC is expected to advocate, practise and hold both themselves personally and the organisation as a whole accountable to the ISBC values.

These values are:

Learning, not winning

Our aim within ISBC is not to “show” how to build a social enterprise, but rather to be there in support of the individual, supporting them in their journey towards the destination THEY want, that is right for THEM and of THEIR choosing.


What matters to us is your passion for making positive change. What doesn’t matter, is gender, age, education, set of skills, project’s stage, legal form, number of employees, revenue…   We reduce the barriers that might keep people from participating by spreading awareness about social impact business, running workshops & events in different locations, offering on-line learning and avoiding business lingo.

Connectivity with purpose

As history shows, the biggest successes come from collaboration. We always focus on enhancing the connectivity between social entrepreneurs, mainstream businesses, universities and researchers, government bodies and support agencies, and anyone willing to be part of such support network – but connectivity for purpose that creates meaningful actions.

Accountability & Commitment

Success of any project always depends on many factors and relies hugely on your engagement. While ISBC puts social entrepreneurs at the centre of our efforts, surrounding them with a supportive community, it is always – your dream, your effort, your achievement. Participating in ISBC programmes comes with time commitment and expectation that participants will equally contribute their knowledge and experience to helping their peers.


There is no right way – only the participants  way. Setting up and developing a social enterprise is always a unique journey and ISBC helps those on their journey in a way that works for them – on both personal and enterprise level.

Role Mechanics

The Development Specialist will report to the CEO of ISBC and is expected to participate fully as a core member of the ISBC Leadership team. The Salary associated with the position is €50000 annually and the position itself will be offered on an initial three contract basis.

As an employee of ISBC the person will be expected to both personally demonstrate and hold accountable all elements of ISBC to best practise in governance procedures and transparency.

Among the critical competencies expected from the Development Advisor are:

• Specialist Skills that add to the overall competency of ISBC
• Demonstrated strategic capabilities both in developing and implementing strategic plans
• Practical familiarity with the socially motivated enterprise space
• Understanding of entrepreneurship and start-up dynamics
• Ability to engage with the diverse range of people and agencies involved in the ISBC initiative.
• Personal energy, belief and enthusiasm in the ISBC project.

The role will be based from the ISBC offices in Nexus Centre UL, but the requirements of the role include interaction across the broader region.

How to apply

Please send your CV and cover letter to

Applications from interested parties should be received no later than May 24, 2019.