BNest Social Incubator Programme

In a Social Enterprise start-up there is at heart a compromise, the need to find where the requirements of the enterprise being run can co-exist with the social impact desired.

There is, in all start-ups, a critical third dimension as well –you the founder! In the BNest programme we strive to help you find and hold that changing critical balance point where all three elements co-exist .

The BNest Flight Programme is specifically designed for emerging social enterprises. This is a six month peer programme, working with a small group of fellow social entrepreneurs, focused on each working on their individual enterprise but expected to contribute to the others as well.

The 6 month programme consists of three segments:

An initial 8 one-day collective programme:

Run over two months focused on addressing key skill areas required to help you progress your enterprise.

A subsequent 3 months consisting of:

  • Individual planning session for this three month period
  • “Referral network” component appropriate to your enterprise
  • Potential for appropriate mentoring component

A final concluding month consisting of:

  • Customising planning for beyond the programme end
  • Showcase evening to highlight your efforts
BNest Flight Programme covers all key areas of developing social enterprise:
  1. Social Proposition
  2. Tuning the Mission
  3. Communicating the Value
  4. Selling the Need
  5. Building the Team
  6. Resilience
  7. Understanding the Impact
  8. Preparing the Future
Participation in Nexus Innovation Centre
The programme will be run with the collaboration of the Nexus Innovation Centre with each participant having shared hot desk facilities within Nexus and full membership benefits of the Nexus Centre for that period.
Our “contract” with you

We commit to providing this programme to the best of our ability, always respectful that it is your dream, your effort and your return. Our contribution is to give you access to support that you may utilise as you see fit.

There is no financial cost for participants, but in turn our expectation is that you:

• Commit to full participation

• Willingly share with your fellow participants

• Commit to upholding the integrity of the programme to your fellow participants

• Respect all involved, as you expect others to respect you

• Enjoy and contribute as best you can

Our Selection Criteria

Our selection criteria is simple – people driven by passion, committed to doing whatever is required in pursuit of the challenge they have set themselves.

Whatever the back story you come with, our focus is on what you are now doing and where you want to go.

We commit to matching your passion and work ethic in interacting with you, creating with you an innovative stimulating environment focused on making real change happen.

Applications deadline: Wednesday, August 15, 2018








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