The importance of understanding your users

At the core of BNest there are only five or so guiding principles. One is the importance of understanding your users and those that surround them. This is why we made Creative Design a core piece of what we do – aiming to give people a solid methodology to do this. It is fundamentally a very simple human-centric approach.

Some people inherently do this and my proposed trip up a mountain gave me a fine example of this.

An example…

When originally setting off on this endeavour it was recommended that I talk with a fitness expert and was referred by someone I trusted to Charlotte, of Charlotte Keogh Fitness here in Limerick. I reluctantly went along as ‘not my thing’ and was getting used to people seeing me as having a ‘late life crisis’ when hearing of my climb.

Charlotte’s approach was unexpected – genuine enthusiasm and interest in what I was doing, hardly even getting to the fitness bit. So decided to give it a go.

Figure out what your user needs and likes

What I had not realised was that in talking about it to her she was building up a mental image of me and what I wanted, even though I really did not know that myself. She had figured out that I liked learning, was interested in the science behind it and most certainly not a person who would be happy being told ‘go for the burn’!

So my ‘programme’ became a series of completely different sessions which gradually educated me not only on ‘fitness’ but also balance, posture and a number of other things while allowing her to figure out what was going to work for me and that I would work with!

All of this done without me even realising it. What I ended up doing I had no concept of initially if I had been asked, but the ‘programme’ I ended up with felt like mine!

This is user centric design, still delivering your expertise but in a way that works for the real needs of the user even if they don’t know yet.

The walk up the mountain is still all down to me but the journey to the start has led me to encounter a number of different people, like Charlotte, each of whom has rendered the journey there an enjoyable learning experience. Interestingly, all of them share another principle of BNest – continuous learning and self awareness – another blog though!