BNest got a lovely mention in Pauline Gannon’s Facebook post.

Thank you Pauline!

FINALLY we have a program that will get more of us out there creating a wave of change that is needed in this world of ours!!

Have you heard about BNest???

Do you have an idea that you believe will have a positive impact on the world???

I’ve been holding off but now I’m excited to tell you about BNest, a support Prpgramme that’s been designed with YOU in mind, to help you to realize your dream ♥️ Anyone that knows me will understand why this floats my boat 🙂

But first a little background because at first I was a little skeptical 🙂 

After my kilimanjaro climb last October we were on the bus on the way back to the airport.

Lost in thought I heard the words “I have this idea can I tell you about it?” from the man sitting beside me named Eamon Ryan.

That was the first time I heard about the concept of BNest, a start up program for people who wanted to have a positive impact on the world & had an idea how to do it, or had already started a business or project and we’re feeling a little stuck.

At first I was a bit dismissive …. Having gone through more than one start up program over the years & been through funding applications etc it had all left a very bitter taste for me personally. Eamon has an impressive business track record and to be honest I thought this was going to be just another incubation type centre & start up program. I had no interest.

BUT we had an hours drive and I was asked for my HONEST opinion (tis a brave person who asks that of me) so I questioned the concept inside out. I loved the concept but was concerned about the delivery & structure. Poor Eamon was grilled on that bus journey!

Arriving at the airport Eamon had caused a stir of interest in me that had been wiped out since my own experience with start up programs & funding in the business world.

In February I sat to review a presentation. Again I grilled Eamon to really make sure this was coming from the right place & was innovative enough to actually give people what they needed. I was impressed & during all my grilling Eamon had never faltered … I believed him, there was nothing else like this out there.

BNest has grown in concept since & the first intake will be September 2016 in association with the Nexus Centre at UL, with just 8 participants being accepted for this first round.

This is different in that it is supportive of each participant as an INDIVIDUAL. It’s both an innovation programme and a community of like minded people.

Don’t be put off by words like Social Entrepreneur, it’s for anyone who wants to have a genuine positive impact on the world & has an idea brewing in their heads (or hearts) or have started to run with their idea but are struggling in any way with time, strategy or just simply overwhelm.

I will be giving a talk on the information evenings & will also be working with participants individually & in a group setting looking at Mindset.

Other aspects covered on the program are:

⭐️ Looking at & understanding the true impact of your idea – on you & the world.
⭐️ Tuning your unique Mission.
⭐️ Communicating the Value in the right way for you.
⭐️ Building or just gaining an understanding of the team you need
⭐️ Mindset – overcoming personal blocks or limiting beliefs. Support you through changes.
⭐️ Planning for the future in a way that suits you, your desires & dreams.

This programme will:

⭐️ Reduce & even eliminate any overwhelm you are experiencing at the moment.
⭐️ Help to bring clarity, showing clear options & pathways you can take.
⭐️ Help you to develop your idea.
⭐️ Work with you to relieve fears or doubts in a pragmatic way.
⭐️ Build a community of like minded people.
⭐️ Fully support YOU to break through barriers, supporting YOU to Dare To Dream.
⭐️ Change your life as you set about changing the lives of so many others just by living your Dream.

You can find all details here:



Please PM me if you have any question or are unsure about anything.

Come along to one of the 4 information evenings to find out more & meet those of us involved.

Please share so that we can reach the right people.

Thanking you kindly,

Pauline X