BNest Connect

New way to volunteer.

Have you ever thought of volunteering, but never got involved in any projects, because you were concerned it would consume a lot of your time? Or you were never sure what you’d be asked to do?

Well, this is for YOU!

BNest Connect helps to connect emerging social enterprises with skilled professionals, who are willing to give a few hours of their time, using their best skills and experience.

A few hours of your time, your expertise – no further obligations – no strings attached.

Rules are simple…

As a volunteer – you offer to contribute up to 5, one-hour sessions in a calendar year.

That is max 5 hours in a year, that we would ask for.


Your skills, your expertise – doing what you like and you are good at!

No strings attached!

It might happen that your particular skills won’t be required straight away, but knowing that you’re willing to help means the world to us!

We would love to see you on board!

Sharing your knowledge or connections could make a huge difference
to an emerging social enterprise!

Join our online community.

Step 1

Join BNest Connect LinkedIn Group

It is our little community forum, where you can keep up to date with what’s happening in BNest Connect.

Feel free to say ‘Hi’, ask a question or make a suggestion!

If you don’t have LinkedIn account, but still like to help – please email us at

Step 2

Answer a few questions

On receipt of your request to join we will send you a short questionnaire that will help us to best meet your requirements.

Step 3

That’s it!

You’re done. Now just have to wait until one of our emerging social enterprises need your specific skills.

Your expertise, making a real difference!

Are you involved in a Social Enterprise?

If you are and you think BNest Connect could help your organisation – please contact us on and we will send you a quick questionaire to find out more about your needs.

+353 (0) 61 332 929

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