Camphill Communities of Ireland

“yaya ace helps those on the autistic spectrum both contribute and gain satisfaction from meaningful contribution to society that allows them to fully utilise their individual and unique skill sets.”

BNest Incubator Programme 2016/2017 Participant


individuals with autism are unemployed or underemployed

People with autism can be great assets for companies – it might require some effort from them, their family and the employer – but many barriers can be overcomed and their passion, knowledge and personality will be fantastic addition to a workplace.

YaYa ACE, aims for full social effectiveness, by thinking, planning and doing.


Some famous people showing signs of autism:

Albert Einstein
Leonardo Da Vinci
Vincent Van Gogh
Ludwig Van Beethoven
Bob Dylan
John Denver
James Taylor
Charles Schulz [Peanuts cartoon strip]
Jim Henson [Muppets creator]
Satoshi Taijri [Creator of Pokemon]
Napoleon Bonaparte
Abraham Lincoln
Hans Christian Andersen
Temple Grandin
Dan Aykroyd
Daryl Hannah