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“ADHD is a life-long disorder, and it’s completely possible to get under control.

Understanding ADD/ADHD is a key. You are who you are – be proud of it.

Life can be better. There is a brighter future for families and people with the condition.”

BNest Incubator Programme 2016/2017 Participant

Attention Deficit Disorder Mid-West Support Group helps parents of ADD/ADHD children to understand and manage the condition and therefore live a happy life.

Living with ADD/ADHD has both
– limitations and advantages.

Good understanding and right management of the condition helps not only to avoid negatives (low self-esteem, social skills problems, relationship difficulties and organisation problems), but also to enhance the positive traits.

DD/ADHD has capacity of producing extraordinary individuals – ingenuity, enthusiasm, problem solving capability, hyper-focus, empathy, intuitiveness, sense of humour – all those qualities let ADD/ADHD people see the world in an exceptional way.