Following on from Kilimanjaro two years past…

…I have a new climb in mind…

In early January, I will be leaving for another trekking expedition, this time taking a couple of weeks attempting to climb Aconcagua in Argentina, the highest mountain outside the Himalayas at 6,962 meters (22,837 ft) above sea level.

This has had me climbing up and down hills all over the place for the last few months in all kinds of weather but hopefully it all helps get me a little further up the mountain. As the start is in a desert at over 30°C and finishes closer to -30°C it is not so easy to replicate in the wilds of Kerry. But this is what makes it interesting, to see how the body copes especially with the inside of your own head largely for company. Strangely that is what the attraction is – life gets very simple – walk and keep walking!

Obviously the expense of the trip is being covered by myself, but the thought struck me that while I struggle up something for “entertainment” purposes, that it might also be an opportunity to raise some funds for groups who are truly engaged in real struggles of the mind and spirit.

So, I am raising money for some organisations close to my heart that are helping people through those tough times and would ask that you might consider making a small donation towards their work.

St. Raphael’s Children’s Ward in Beaumont Hospital, Dublin

The centre of excellence for children with brain trauma in this country who give an example of what all of the health service should aspire to be.

Why it matters...

ADD/ADHD Midwest Support group

A participant on our BNest programme who provide a point of hope for people and families challenged by ADD/ADHD.

Why it matters...

Attention Deficit Disorder is a neurobiological/genetic condition. It affects 3-5% of the population. It is a life-long disorder, but it’s completely possible to get it under control.

If you have right support and right information – you can really get ahead of the game and don’t let the negatives affect the family.

ADD/ADHD Midwest Support Group is a support group for parents of children and teens with ADD/ADHD. They also have adult members with ADD/ADHD – so they really understand what those conditions are about.

They provide non-judgemental support, share the knowledge and simply are there when things get tough and you need someone to listen.

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Grieving Hearts Foundation

Non-profit organisation, supporting people who have endured and continue to endure the tragedy of baby loss.

Why it matters...

A little hat

A little hat I never wore
But now I send to you
For every Mum should have a gift
From their Baby born too soon.

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Gateway to Education Limerick

Another BNest participant, who help children at risk of disengaging from education to re-engage and thrive.

Why it matters...

Limerick Gateway to Education helps kid’s education in two ways – the homework club offers one-to-one tuition to children who find school challenging, while the charity shop helps parents to lift the financial burden of sending children to school.

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For me, Aconcagua is a huge challenge both physically and mentally and has about a 50% success rate. But it is a challenge taken on by me by free choice.

These four causes, however, help those who have real challenges imposed on them and by helping those people in their struggles bring needed joy and colour to the world.

So if you would consider making a donation, please follow the link and choose any amount, small or large, and which might also help me make an extra few steps up that mountain on their behalf.