Join us for 1-day workshop: Social Entrepreneurship – A Path For Me?

We are now accepting applications for 2017/18 BNest Programme!

It always starts with a dream…

For Social Entrepreneurs, it is in finding solutions to social, cultural or environmental problems. Creating something they could be proud of and what matters…

Are you passionate about creating real social change?

Do you see an opportunity to do something meaningful but not certain how to proceed?

In doing simply what matters to you, have you found yourself becoming “the leader” for others around you?

Is your business start-up driven by a strong social goal?

Is your socially focused group evolving  into significant business-like activity?

Are you struggling to balance the social impact that drives you with “hard business needs”?

BNest is for YOU!

So… what is BNest about?

Personalised support for your Social Enterprise

BNest helps you along your start up journey – bringing clarity to your social impact, the business needed to deliver on that and helping you take control of the compromise at the heart of every  social enterprise.

Help in striving for the personal balance that works for you

Start-ups are tough – social start-ups even tougher –requiring you to find that balance point between the business needs, the social needs and your personal needs. BNest is about helping you strike that balance where all three can thrive and grow, equipping you with the skills and resilience to toughen through the journey.

Your Dream, Your Effort, Your Progress – Your way

BNest is a programme to help you as you work towards your dream, founded on the best knowledge and practise out there,  but always practical and giving you access to objectivity and skills that help you with your judgments on your journey.

Social Incubator Programme

social entrepreneurship

BNest is a social innovators support programme helping you to understand how all three aspects – Social, Business and Personal, apply to YOUR dream.

Get the balance right and watch YOUR dream come true!


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