Are you…

…striving to make a positive difference?

…juggling business and social impact?

…trying to fulfil YOUR dream?

You might be running or thinking of starting up a “Social Enterprise”, even if you never heard of this term before…

Social Entrepreneurship

[soh-shuh l ahn-truh-pruh-nur-ship]

“use of entrepreneurial activity for social impact”

Are you passionate about creating real social change?

Do you see an opportunity to do something meaningful but not certain how to proceed?

In doing simply what matters to you, have you found yourself becoming “the leader” for others around you?

Is your business start-up driven by a strong social goal?

Is your socially focused group evolving  into significant business-like activity?

Are you struggling to balance the social impact that drives you with “hard business needs”?

BNest is for YOU!

Join BNest – Social Enterprise Incubator

We not only look at the both – Social and Business aspects of the enterprise, but we also support entrepreneurs, as individuals on their unique journeys.



In September 2016, nine participants started our first Social Incubator Programme.

Nine different participants – nine different stories: some of them are running their ventures for many years, some of them only had the idea; for some making living out of their social enterprise was important, others wanted to keep it as a volunteering project; some of them worked alone, some were part of the bigger team; some of them provided services for children, some for adults… 

But despite all those differences they all have one thing in common – they all have a remarkable PASSION for what they were doing. 


The success of BNest Programme relies on the willing contributions of many people of their time and expertise over the programme.


New Way to Volunteer
Join Today!

Sometimes one conversation with the right person can completely change the way you see your problem.

BNest Connect helps to connect emerging social enterprises with skilled professionals, that are willing to give few hours of their time, using their best skills and experience.


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